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Ratcheting crimper- MOLEX .093 pin & socket connectors

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Part Number:tools:SGNT 3132CT

OEM ratcheting crimper for Molex type .093 standard pin and socket contacts.  Also works with AMP and other brand .093 pin and socket contacts.   This crimper is from the OEM line of Sargent tools, and is made for the  .093 diameter contacts.  These contacts are used in many older avionics installations, and are especially popular for their power handling capabilities.  The crimper has a built in positioner for holding the contact in position on the crimp die, and allows you to make excellent professional crimps.   This crimper is the same as the Molex HTR 1031E, which is no longer in production, having been replaced by a crimper that costs three times what this one sells for.

These contacts are also very popular in the PC industry for disk drive power connections.   This may be just what you are looking for in that application as well.



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