Radiall- Coax Crimper BNC/TNC/UHF
Radiall- Coax Crimper BNC/TNC/UHF

Radiall- Coax Crimper BNC/TNC/UHF

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Ratcheting crimper for RG58 and RG400 COAX connectors
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NOS (New OLD STOCK)crimper fromRadiall. High quality, preciseratcheting crimper forRF connectors on RG58/U,and RG59 Coax. The double acting leveraged crimperhas an automaticfull cycle release, and amanual latch release for backing out ofan incomplete crimp. I've also used this on LM400 cable and RG142 with great success.

This crimper is an OEM unit built to spec in Europe for RADIALL for their BNC, TNC, UHF and other series Coax connectors. It is also compatible with other manufacturer's dual crimp coax connectors, (such as AMPHENOL, AMP). It is labeledas a RADIALL p/n R282223.

This is the same part number RADIALL used previously to sell an equivalent DMC manufactured crimper. I sold over 100 of those, andthey are all gone now. For my own use, I actually prefer this one because it's slightly smaller, has plenty of leverage, and is just a bit more precise than the DMC DCT series crimper, having less play in the jaws. I have not had any luck finding any otherdies that fit, because I have been unable to determine who OEM'ed this to RADIALL. I had somebody tell me it was from aBelgium tool maker that specializes in precision crimpers, but that's as far as I got.

With the die included, this crimper crimps the exact same connectors (plus more) as the much more expensive DMC HX4 with a M22520/5-11 die set. This crimper will do as good a job as the HX4, but does not have same level offlexibility when it comes to availability and ease of changing out the dies.I'm sure this crimper sells forseveral hundred dollars direct fromRadiall.

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