Racheting Crimper for PIDG terminals
Racheting Crimper for PIDG terminals

Racheting Crimper for PIDG terminals

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Ratcheting crimper for PIDG, and other preinsulatedterminals

Part Number: tools:OTC-4497
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Brand new heavy duty ratcheting crimper for pre-insulated terminals, such as PIDG terminals. Even though it's likely made in Taiwan, this is a very sturdy no-nonsense crimper. Money back if you are not thoroughly pleased.

The crimper has three color coded crimp cavities-

  • RED- awg 18-26
  • BLUE- awg 14-16
  • YELLOW- awg 10-12

This crimper would go great with a set of my nylon insulated terminals as shown below (terminals not included in this offer).

This looks just like the Ideal brand crimper that sells in most avionics supply houses for $100+.

Money back less shipping, if you are not 100% satisfied with this tool!

The double acting leveraged crimper has an automatic full cycle release, and a manual latch release for backing out of an incomplete crimp. Although it has a removeable die, but I do not have any additional dies for this crimper right now.

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