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KI227, KI201C Connector kit for Bendix/King KI 227/201C

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Part Number:connector kits:KI227 conn kit

Connector body, hood, and crimp type contacts for the older put still popular Bendix/King KI201C VOR/LOC indicators.  This connector is also for the even older, KI201, and KI201B indicators.    The original connector from Bendix/King was a solder type connector.  This connector is equivalent, but with crimp type contacts.  These are the same contacts used in the more modern rectilinear indicators connectors.

This kit includes-

1 pc  Connector Body, with contacts, replaces Bendix King P/N: 30-2000-000

1 pc   Connector Hood, same as Bendix King P/N: 30-1009-000

14 pcs Crimp Contacts, same as Bendix King P/N: 030-01080-0000



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