GTX-327 transponder connector kit, install a Garmin!
GTX-327 transponder connector kit, install a Garmin!

GTX-327 transponder connector kit, install a Garmin!

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GTX-327 Connector kit.   Also fits GTX-320 transponder. Includes contacts, connector, back-shell, and connector mounting hardware
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Connector kit for installing Garmin GTX-327 transponder.   Transponder is not included!   This kit includes the discrete mil spec contacts, AWG18 contacts for power and mil spec connector body with metal back-shell as needed for installing one of these great GARMIN solid state transponders.    This kit, although not sourced from GARMIN, contains the same set of parts as Garmin p.n. 011-00651-01

If you are purchasing a NEW Garmin GTX-327, a complete installation kit is normally included.  This kit is meant for use in a "re-installation".


 The nutbar shown above is no longer included due to availability.  It has been replaced with two lock nuts.

 The following contacts and connectors are included in this kit-


(1)      M24308/2-3F           mil spec receptical

(1)      M85049/48-1-3F      mil spec back-shell

(25)   mil spec std density DSUB socket contacts

(5)      AWG 18 socket contacts (power)

(1)      hardware set for mounting connector (includes self locking screws and lock nuts)

 For a limited time, I am offering FREE use of the INSTALLATION manual for this item ($20 deposit required).  The manual I have for this one is Revision D, dated July 18, 2000.   In order to take advantage of this limited time offer- please make a separate refundable PayPAL payment of $20 to my Paypal ID.  This is your deposit for the manual.  You will have 10 days to from the day I ship, to get it back to me.  As long as I receive the original manual back- in the same condition as when it was shipped- by midnight of the 10th day, I will refund your $20 deposit.  If the manual does not arrive back by the 10th day, you will not receive your refund!  No exceptions.  If you pay by check, include the extra $20 deposit with your payment, and a note indicating you want to borrow the installation manual.  Return shipping of the manual should be by USPS priority mail, with tracking for your proof of receipt on my end.

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