GNS530/430 connector kit , Garmin w/HW GNS430/530
GNS530/430 connector kit , Garmin w/HW GNS430/530

GNS530/430 connector kit , Garmin w/HW GNS430/530

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Connector and Contact kit for installing GNS-430 or GNS-530.  Includes all contacts, connector bodies, and backshells.
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Connectors and contacts for installing Garmin GNS430 or GNS530.   This kit includes all of the discrete contacts and the connector bodies and backshells needed for one of these popular GARMIN installations.  Having this kit can either save you ALOT of money, or money and  time & effort to acquire these separately. 

These connectors and contacts are quite expensive from Garmin.  I believe a complete new installation kit lists for  $240.   My kit does not come from Garmin, but does now include connector mount screws and nuts, (but not the proprietary Garmin blind mount nutbars).   

The DSUB connectors and backshells used in this kit, are all mil spec parts, not cheaper commercial connectors and covers.





The following contacts are included in this kit-


(25)     Standard  DSUB socket contacts

(125)   High Density pins

(4)       AWG 18 socket contacts (power)

 (20)     shield termination contacts


The following connectors are included in this kit 

(1)    44 pin HD DSUB receptacle

(1)    78 pin HD DSUB receptacle

(1)    25 pin std DSUB plug

(2)    25/44 DSUB metal backshell

(1)    50/78 DSUB metal backshell

(1)    AMP .1" dual row edge connector for shield terminations


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