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Extraction tool for Bendix/King tray contacts/terminals

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Part Number:tools:HT-1884

Brand new...   HT-1884 contact ejector tool- and is recommended by Bendix/King for removing tray contacts.  It is sold by Bendix/King as p/n 047-05099-0001.

It doesn't look like much.... but this tool comes in VERY handy when wiring your harness- as it allows you to remove contacts that you may insert into the wrong position.  If you try to remove them without the proper tool, you are likely to damage the contact, and you'll be recrimping that one.  It is also extremely handy for removing the contacts in an existing tray, in order to reuse the existing connector housing.

Hint: Occasionally I've enhanced these by wrapping adhesive tape around the "handle" end, to give me something to get a better grip on....that really helps when using this tool. 



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