Connector kit for Bendix/King KLN89 KLN89B
Connector kit for Bendix/King KLN89 KLN89B

Connector kit for Bendix/King KLN89 KLN89B

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Connector kit with contacts and RF connector, for Bendix/King KLN89 or KLN89B

Part Number: Connector kits:KLN89B w/o data jack
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 Installation kit for Honeywell- Bendix/King KLN-89B GPS.  Contents of this kit are a subset of what is found in King p/n  050-03321-0000.  This kit includes connectors, but not some of the common hardware such as 6-32 screws or cable clamps.  It also does not include the tray connector mounting plate.  If you have any questions on what is included, see the list below-  that's it!   Although not purchased through Honeywell, this kit contains the same high quality components.  All connector bodies and contacts are mil spec, NOT commercial grade. 

This kit includes- 

1 pcs- Bendix/King p/n: 030-03272-0000   25 pos connector body

1 pcs- Bendix/King p/n: 030-03271-0000   37 pos connector body

62 pcs- Bendix/King p/n: 030-01157-0011   socket crimp contacts, 20 gauge


1 pcs- Bendix/King p/n: 089-08252-0030  washer for RF tray connector


1 pcs- Bendix/King p/n: 090-00019-0007  Ring retainer for RF connector


1 pcs- Bendix/King p/n: 030-00101-0002  RF tray connector


Bendix/King part numbers are shown for reference only, and unless explicitly stated otherwise, are not meant to indicate that the parts for this kit were sourced from Bendix/King.


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