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Bendix/King KI208/KI209 indicator connecto, 12 pc bundle

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Part Number:contact/conn bundles:KI208 conn kit, 12pc
12 pc bundle for the installer-

Connector kit for installing Bendix/King KI208 or KI209 indicator.  This sale is for kit, including connector housing, socket contacts, and  strain relief/hood.   It does not include the indicator.   The indicator, if pictured is for reference only.   Although not purchased through Honeywell (Bendix/King), this kit contains the same high quality parts from the same manufacturer that Honeywell uses.  Except for the VOR adjustment tool, this kit is exactly the same as the contents of- 

King installation kit: P/N 050-01550-0000

this includes-

(1)  connector housing P/N 030-02227-0005

(1)  2 pc strain relief  P/N 030-02227-0009

(12)  female contacts P/N 030-02227-0023

FYI- there is a reason these are NOT "gold" contacts.  It is a mistake to mix gold contacts with the tin/lead pins used on these indicators.  King radio never intentionally did it, and neither should you.


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