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Ratcheting crimper- for CPC Series I contacts, 16 gage

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Part Number:tools:SGNT 3131CT

OEMratcheting crimper for AMP series I CPC contacts. This crimper is from the OEM line of Sargent tools, and is made for theAMP multimate TypeIII+contacts, which are used in the series I CPCs. The same contacts are used on some other AMP connectors, such as the retangular multimate connectors.

The crimper has a built in positioner for holding the contact in position on the crimp die, and allows you to make excellent professional crimps. It has three crimp positions for handling wire sizes all the way from AWG 28, up to AWG 18. This crimper really beats the alternative method of installing the contacts that is mentioned in the installation manuals- needle nose pliers and solder.... can you spell slow me down!

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