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Machined pin 4-indent crimper BFG/3M/ARC/GARMIN INSTALL

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Part Number:tools:ECL 300-015

Adjustable4 indent contact crimper for machine pin and socket contacts.This looks just like the Ideal brand crimper thatwas sellingnew at Edmo forover $100.last time Ichecked.

Thiscrimper works on machined type contacts which are used in many GARMIN, Stormscope, and ARC avionics installations. This includes Garmin 430/530/300XL/others, BFG WX1000, ARC RT385/485A.

This is not an expensive, MIL SPEC crimper like the Daniels AFM8 crimper, and it does not require different contact positioners for every contact like the Daniels. It has a built in adjustable locator, that adjusts to the proper depth for a given contact. I've tested this against my high $$ calibrated DMC crimper, and seen no noticable difference in the strength of the crimp.However... your mileage may vary.

I suggest, that if you use this for your installation work, youdo your on pull test to assure you are crimping properly.Lane_Pilot can not be held responsible foryour improperuse of this non- calibrated crimper. Use at your own risk.

Do your installation right, and use only the Mil Spec machined crimp contacts.

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