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DMC HX4 open frame crimper & Y205P die

DMC HX4 open frame crimper & Y205P die

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Part Number:tools:DMC HX4 frame

DMC tools HX4 crimper, Brand new in the box!   The HX4 crimp frame accepts interchangeable dies for almost unlimited crimp capabilities on large and medium size contacts.  This frame sells for ~$200 at the other avionics electronics distributors (WITHOUT THE DIE!).   Here it comes new, complete with data sheet, die install/removal tool, and roll pins for semi-permanent die installations.

This is an excellent opportunity to pick up an extra frame if you already use the HX4 and have multiple die sets available.   Or if you need this specific dies- what a bargain! 



The Y205P (M22520-11) dual crimp die is used with Radiall, Amphenol, AMP and others -BNC, TNC, MHV, UHF connector types with RG55/U, RG58/U, RG400 cable.  


Sorry... other than the ones mentioned I don't have any extra dies to spare right now, but watch for them- various dies are often available on eBay, or I can special order them for you.  Most simple dies start at around $85-$100.

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