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Connector kit for Bendix/King KI202/KI203/KI204/KI206

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Part Number:Connector kits:KI202 conn kit w/30 contacts

Connector body, hood, and crimp type contacts for the Bendix King rectilinear movement indicators.  This includes the KI202, KI203, KI204, KI206 and KI207 indicators.    Although not purchased through Honeywell, these came from the same manufacturer that they get them from....  Bendix/King sells this installation it for ~$100.

This kit includes-

1 pc  Connector Body, same as Bendix King P/N: 030-02272-0000

1 pc   Connector Hood, same as Bendix King P/N: 030-02154-0000

30 pcs Crimp Contacts, same as Bendix King P/N: 030-01080-0000


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