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Connector kit- Bendix/King KX155 nav/com with GS

Connector kit- Bendix/King KX155 nav/com with GS

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Part Number:Connector kits:KX155 conn kit w/GS

Connectorkit for Honeywell- Bendix/KingKX155 with Glideslope.Contents of this kit are a subset ofwhat is found inKing p/n 050-01778-0000. Although this kit is not assembled by Honeywell, it does contain the same high quality parts, from the same manufacturersthat you would find in a kit purchased from them. This kitincludesitems for thereceiver end of the installation, but without some hardware (screws, nuts, etc.).


40pcs- Bendix/King pn 030-1107-00xx connector terminals

1pcs- Bendix/King pn 030-1094-0060 Conn card edge 18/36

1pcs- Bendix/King pn 030-1094-0059 Conn card edge 15/30

3pcs- Bendix/King pn 030-0101-0002 Panel mount RF connector

3pcs- Bendix/King pn 090-0019-0007 connector retainer c-clip (not shown)

3pcs- Bendix/King pn 030-1096-0000 key polarizer

I also have many otherconnector kits available for purchase. If you do not see the one you are looking for, please ask.

For a limited time, I am offering FREE use of the INSTALLATION manual for this item ($25 deposit required). The manual I have for this one is Revision4, dated Aug. 1985. In order to take advantage of this limited time offer- please make a separate refundable PayPAL payment of $25 to my Paypal ID. This is your deposit for the manual. You will have 10 days tofrom the day I ship, to get itback to me. As long as I receive the original manual back- inthe same conditionas when itwas shipped-by midnight of the 10th day, I will refund your$25deposit. If the manual does not arrive back by the 10th day, you will not receive your refund!No exceptions. If you pay by check, include the extra $25 deposit with your payment, and a note indicating you want to borrow the installation manual. Return shipping of the manual should be by USPS priority mail, with tracking for your proof of receipt on my end.

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