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Bendix/King KX155A installation kit, 155A

Bendix/King KX155A installation kit, 155A

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Part Number:Honeywell:KX155A install kit

Installation kit for Honeywell- Bendix/King KX155A, KX165A,   with or without Glideslope .  This is a complete, unused installation kit, Honeywell p/n 050-03378-0000,  does NOT include the connector mounting plate.  The kit includes connectors, contacts, and hardware (screws, clamps, etc). A complete list by part number is shown below-  polarizing keys come pre-installed in the connectors.  The contents of this kit cover all versions of KX-155A.  For installations without GS, some parts will be left over.

        Part No.                        Description                    Quantity

  • 030-00101-0002       Panel Mount plug              3.00
  • 030-01094-0088       Conn card edge 25/50     1.00
  • 030-01094-0060       Conn card edge 18/36     1.00
  • 030-01107-0078       connector terminals 78T  1.00
  • 047-05959-0002       strain relief W/H               2.00
  • 047-05960-0001       strain relief W/F               2.00
  • 089-02051-0024       speed nut, U 6-32            4.00
  • 089-02353-0001       clip nut  6-32                    6.00
  • 089-05878-0005       Screw, PHP 4-40 x 5/16  2.00
  • 089-05878-0012       Screw, PHP 4-40 x 3/4    4.00
  • 089-05907-0006       Screw, PHP 6-32 x 3/8    4.00
  • 089-06012-0008       Screw, FHP 6-32 x 1/2    6.00
  • 090-00019-0007       Ring Retainer, .438        3.00




For a limited time, I am offering FREE use of the INSTALLATION manual for this item ($25 deposit required).  Please be sure to specify whether you are installing a KX155, or a KX155A.   In order to take advantage of this limited time offer- please make a separate refundable PayPAL payment of $25 to my Paypal ID.  This is your deposit for the manual.  You will have 10 days to from the day I ship, to get it back to me.  As long as I receive the original manual back- in the same condition as when it was shipped- by midnight of the 10th day, I will refund your $25 deposit.  If the manual does not arrive back by the 10th day, you will not receive your refund!  No exceptions.  If you pay by check, include the extra $25 deposit with your payment, and a note indicating you want to borrow the installation manual.  Return shipping of the manual should be by USPS priority mail, with tracking for your proof of receipt on my end.


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